Overriding Module Template Files

One new feature of Pligg 2 is the ability to override a module’s template files with a copy stored in your template’s directory. The great thing about this feature is that it allows you to upgrade a module without losing design changes, since the template files are being stored in a different directory. In this post I’ll describe how you can set up your first example template override. Continue reading »

4 Quick Pligg Tips and Tricks

I have been working with Pligg for over four years now, and during that time I have collected several useful snippets of code that I found found to be quite useful when designing a Pligg template. This article includes some of those snippets, as well as some general tips for using Pligg CMS. Continue reading »

Donation Drive 2009

Our last donation drive was held way back in February 2007, and during that one month period we gathered over $1,000 in donations from members. Luckily we were able to keep our costs for both running and developing Pligg relatively low for nearly 2 years and were able to have most of the costs of Continue reading »

Free Pligg Template LemonTwist

About LemonTwist: Originally designed as a theme for WordPress by Chris Murphy, LemonTwist is now a free Pligg template released by Yankidank. The template is currently being developed for the next Pligg version (9.9.6). LemonTwist currently is designed to work with Pligg SVN revision 55 current as of August 18, 2008. Please DO NOT redistribute Continue reading »