Forum Maintenance Tonight

We will be bringing down the Pligg forums for a short time (a few hours) to perform maintenance tasks on the forum and make some upgrades. After this is complete some of the former forum feature may disappear due to incompatibilities with the upgrade. Please contact us or leave a comment if you discover a Continue reading »

Pligg Job Board

Today we’ve added a new section to the site to help connect job providers with Pligg developers. I have had dozens of requests for custom Pligg work, but unfortunately I am unable to take on any of the projects because I have a full schedule. I also see new threads popping up in the forum Continue reading »

Planned Server Downtime this Evening

Our hosting company has notified us that they will need to take down many servers this evening (March 5, 2008) around 12:00 a.m. EST in order to perform “mandatory emergency power maintenance” for a period that should last about a half hour. They also advise that we power down our servers prior to this to Continue reading »

Pligg Featured Advertisers

A few days ago I updated OpenX, the script that we use on to manage advertisements. Formerly (last week) it was known as OpenAds, and a less than a year ago it was known as phpAdsNew. Today after checking the stats to make sure that everything was tracking correctly I decided to crunch some Continue reading »

Pligg Pro Helpdesk

Yesterday we introduced a better way for users to request support for purchased templates and modules from the Pligg Pro shop. The Pligg Pro Helpdesk will help us diagnose and fix problems faster than the previous contact us forum that would only send me an email, which I would then forward to the appropriate person. Continue reading »

Updated Forum Stats

Check out the new forum stats area on the bottom of the Pligg Forum. The stats are now cleaner looking and I added “Hottest Threads” and “Most Popular Forums” to the list. You also have the ability to turn off Top Stats by clicking on the box title and selecting “Turn off Top Stats”, but Continue reading »

Forum Update Today

I will be updating the forum and performing some enhancements this evening. If the forum experiences any downtime please be patient and come back in an hour or two and it should all be resolved. To help ease the pain I will only have the forum shut down for a small amount of time and Continue reading »