Vendor Information

If you are a designer or developer looking to publish templates, modules, widgets, or any other type of digital product related to Pligg CMS, then you need to learn about our new Vendor program. Vendors are a new user group that have the ability to add free or premium digital items to the Pligg Downloads area. If a Vendor chooses to sell one of their items through our marketplace, we give them a large commission (ranging from 60-80%) and the rest of the money goes back into Pligg CMS. It’s an easy way to make money as a developer, while at the same time supporting our open source project.

Forums Running Very Slow

The Pligg Forums seem to be the only portion of that is still suffering from slow page load times. We will continue working on resolving this problem, but in the meantime we would like to share a minor bug fix to address a problem caused by the slowed server. Since the forums are still mostly inaccessible, the Pligg Module Management page may be taking a very long time to load for some people. To fix this we have added a timeout value to the module version check code so that if the Pligg server is inaccessible it will continue loading the page without the information. You can download the new admin_modules_center.tpl file here, which should be used to replace the file with the same name in /templates/admin/.

March Server Issues

Currently the Forums are the most affected by our server issues. They are mostly inaccessible at the moment, and we are working on addressing this issue as soon as possible. Throughout the day you may receive error messages or pages that never complete. We are doing our best to address these issues and we should have the site back to normal soon.

Forum Maintenance Tonight

We will be bringing down the Pligg forums for a short time (a few hours) to perform maintenance tasks on the forum and make some upgrades. After this is complete some of the former forum feature may disappear due to incompatibilities with the upgrade. Please contact us or leave a comment if you discover a
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