Bug Report Forum Retired

The Bug Report forum has been closed to make room for the Projects section of the forum. Projects is a more advanced section that allows users to be much more specific about their bugs and allows us to assign developers to fix legitimate problems, and for other users to confirm that a bug actually exists. Continue reading »

Development and Forum Updates

We are close to preparing our first release candidate for the next Pligg version and I am spending the day updating the secondary templates so that they will work with the new features added recently. I will also be reorganizing the forums, removing old threads and condensing forums to make it easier for new users Continue reading »

Forum Maintenance Tonight

We will be bringing down the Pligg forums for a short time (a few hours) to perform maintenance tasks on the forum and make some upgrades. After this is complete some of the former forum feature may disappear due to incompatibilities with the upgrade. Please contact us or leave a comment if you discover a Continue reading »

Development Sponsorships with ChipIn

It’s easier than ever to gather donations for adding features to Pligg now that we use ChipIn to easily add donation widgets to threads. You can see the new feature in action on the Pligg Projects page, helping us gather contributions for adding new features to Pligg. With ChipIn it’s easy to gather donations from Continue reading »

Download Free-For-All

Somehow for the past several months it slipped by me that the Pligg forum has been requiring users to log in to a forum account to download anything from any of the forums. That was definitely not my intent, and I now understand some of the frustrations that I’ve heard from users about how the Continue reading »

Forum Spambuster

In an effort to reduce spam posts we have installed the vBulletin module “Spambuster” on the Pligg forum. The plugin automatically detects spam based on a point system that checks keywords from users who haven’t posted much. Any posts that it thinks might be spam are automatically turned invisible and a thread is created for Continue reading »