Pligg 1.1.0 Beta Testing

We are anxious to release this next version to address a security issue that was recently patched, but we would like to take a few days to beta test. This will allow beta users to discover bugs that we have not yet come across, and will let us test out Pligg on multiple web hosts. We would appreciate any input that you might have concerning this new beta version. Whether you would like to submit a recommendation, or if you just want to compliment any new features, we would appreciate your thoughts. Continue reading »

4 Quick Pligg Tips and Tricks

I have been working with Pligg for over four years now, and during that time I have collected several useful snippets of code that I found found to be quite useful when designing a Pligg template. This article includes some of those snippets, as well as some general tips for using Pligg CMS. Continue reading »

Pligg Widgets

The upcoming release 1.1.0 will introduce a new “widget” system for Pligg. This new feature has been added to make managing your Pligg site from the Pligg Admin Panel an easier process. The Admin Panel homepage will be replaced with a new widget interface, which will allow you to customize the information that appears when you log into the Admin Panel. Continue reading »

The 1 Minute Pligg Install

Today I wrote a new Shell script that will add the latest SVN files to your server and prepare them for a Pligg installation. This new file allows me to perform very fast Pligg installs. In roughly 55 seconds I can transfer the SVN files to the server, rename the necessary files, CHMOD files and directories, run the Pligg installer, and log into the Admin Panel for the first time. Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0.4 Repackaged

A bug caused by the new Admin News Management page has been fixed, causing us to re-release Pligg 1.0.4. The News Management page was changing the story status for multiple stories that were not meant to be changed whenever you would hit the “Apply Changes” button. This bug caused all of the articles that were marked as published on the News Management page to re-save their publish timestamp. Because Pligg uses this publish timestamp to sort stories on the homepage, it would cause problems with the sort order. Multiple stories had the same timestamp and Pligg didn’t know how to order them, so it would sometimes mix the publish order. The issue is now fixed with the latest release and it’s as simple as overwriting your 1.0.4 files to benefit from this update. Continue reading »


Sometime in the past 24 hours we passed the 300,000 download mark for Pligg CMS. This figure represents a great milestone in our success and we can’t wait to see how quickly we will get to the next hundred thousand downloads. Our previous release, Pligg CMS 1.0.3 racked up enough hits to earn the position as the most downloaded file on the Continue reading »