Karma and User Ranks

Karma, the most mysterious feature built-in to Pligg, is finally getting some much needed attention from the Pligg developers. For years we have been talking about how we could improve karma, but it wasn’t until this week that we finally did something about it. Coming soon, to a Pligg version near you, is the Pligg Karma module. This module will allow you to finally keep your user Karma scores up to date without you having to set up a cron job. “What’s all this Karma jibber jabber?” some of you may be asking yourselves. Well read on and find out!

Support Us with Pligg.com and Cuteaholic.com Banner Ads

We currently have 2 Pligg.com banner advertisement spots available for purchase. If you would like to display an ad across all of Pligg.com, with around 1,000,000 ad impressions each month, you can reserve an ad slot from BuySellAds.com today. We are interested in working with companies who operate in the technology field and are interested in marketing to tech professionals. If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise, don’t hesitate and buy an ad before the slots are filled!

2010 Open Source CMS Awards Nominations

Packt publishing has recently announced a call for nominations for this year’s Open Source CMS Awards. This is your second opportunity this week to WIN AN AMAZON KINDLE! By nominating or voting for your favorite Open Source project (a.k.a. Pligg CMS), you will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle! What better way to read the upcoming Pligg CMS book?

Pligg Widget Contest – Win an Amazon Kindle!

Owning an Amazon Kindle just got a lot easier! We at Pligg CMS are proud to announce that we are holding another contest for developers. This time around we are asking developers to create free Pligg widgets to share with the community. What’s even better is that widgets are REALLY EASY to develop!

Pligg CMS 1.1.1 Release

This release addresses a security issue discovered by Secunia Research. We thank Secunia for alerting us of the problem. At the same time we apologize to Pligg users who might have to make a second upgrade after the recent 1.1.0 release. The good news is that the upgrade process from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 is very simple.

Pligg 1.1.0 Beta Testing

We are anxious to release this next version to address a security issue that was recently patched, but we would like to take a few days to beta test. This will allow beta users to discover bugs that we have not yet come across, and will let us test out Pligg on multiple web hosts. We would appreciate any input that you might have concerning this new beta version. Whether you would like to submit a recommendation, or if you just want to compliment any new features, we would appreciate your thoughts.

4 Quick Pligg Tips and Tricks

I have been working with Pligg for over four years now, and during that time I have collected several useful snippets of code that I found found to be quite useful when designing a Pligg template. This article includes some of those snippets, as well as some general tips for using Pligg CMS.

Pligg Widgets

The upcoming release 1.1.0 will introduce a new “widget” system for Pligg. This new feature has been added to make managing your Pligg site from the Pligg Admin Panel an easier process. The Admin Panel homepage will be replaced with a new widget interface, which will allow you to customize the information that appears when you log into the Admin Panel.