Pligg Site Directory

If you are a Pligg user, please post your Pligg site in the new Pligg Directory located at I have categorized the directory into 12 categories, but I’m sure there will be a few more added in the future. Here’s a list of the current categories: If you have a request for an additional
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Pligg.Domain Names

While reading through some random blogs today I came across a nice use of AJAX for finding .net and .com domain names. The tool provided by is a nifty way to find a .net or .com domain. While I was playing with the tool I noticed that was registered about 10 days ago,
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Pligg Spam, Ban and Delete

I would appreciate if someone took this on and developed this as a side project: I have been noticing quite a bit of spam already on, one user particularly has been spamming stories a couple times a day and I’m really tired of setting the status of their stories as “discard”.

Smarty, Tagging, and SourceForge

I find it hilarious that a templating system named Smarty can make me feel so dumb. I believe that I have finished the top and bottom code for the new template, but everything in the middle is iffy. When I think that I have solved one problem, another problem pops up.

Welcome to the Pligg Blog

To save space on the Pligg Forum I have created a blog to keep everyone up to date with the latest Pligg developments. I was inspired to create this blog just to test out the trackback functionality of Pligg.