Call for Template Ideas

We are about a week in to the new template and already planning the framework for the next template. Instead of writing the next template from scratch we have decided that the best idea would probably be by using a generator to produce a very stable frame for the site and make modifications and addons Continue reading »

Beta 6.01 Update

AshDigg rolled out an update to Beta 6 to help fix a few bugs and add a few features. This is an essential upgrade because I forgot to include the .htaccess file with the 6.00 release. 6.01 does not include a /libs/dbconnect.php file, so please be sure to grab that from the 6.00 release or Continue reading »

Beta 6 Released!

Well, it’s finally out there. I’m still not happy with where Beta 6 is when it comes to compatability and features. We are going to start working on a more web standard version of the template with just 2 columns. For now this will help everyone out who wants to get away from the digg Continue reading »


I spent a huge amount of time working on the template for Beta 6 today. It turned out that the other author converting it into tables wasn’t such a great idea so I decided to personally finish this wretched thing. I’m at the point where I can no longer tell if it looks good or Continue reading »

Beta 6 Progress Report

The new template is still in the garage being fixed, but that hasn’t stopped us from adding some extra features to surprise everyone with when we release this sucker. Right now I have completed the very basic task of laying out the site and aligning most of the big items where they need to be Continue reading »

Pligg Beta 6 PR Green

I have made some changes to the template in response to some of the comments and to add a new “sneak” icon for the DiggSpy-like feature that will be included with Beta 6. The coloring is still not set as is, it’s lighter than I expected. For some reason Photoshop’s colors appear lighter when you Continue reading »

Meneame Sneak

Ricardo has done a great job again by adding a few new features to Among the changes is the new Sneak function, much like DiggSpy. This feature has been asked for by the Pligg community for the longest time and it’s great to see that Ricardo has developed it because the Pligg team didn’t Continue reading »