Beta 7 Released

Yesterday AshDigg released Pligg Beta 7, a bit ahead of schedule (we were aiming for March 19). The version released is a bit trimmed down from what we were aiming for, but it was decided that it would be best to fix a lot of the bugs that came up with Beta 6’s introduction of Continue reading »


Two posts back I talked about 3bubbles, a very useful third party chat script that makes it easy for anyone to create their own chats for individual posts. Today I will talk about Gabbly, a similar program with some fresh ideas. 3bubbles and Gabbly differ enough so that they really aren’t competing for the same Continue reading »

New Template On The Way

Late last night I began work on what will be the fourth Pligg template to be created. The third template, created specifically for Beta 7, is well coded but doesn’t have that certain “Web 2.0” flare that captivates visitors. This fourth template will be one of two offered with the Beta 7 release. The other Continue reading »

3bubbles Support

I can’t recall when or how I first stumbled across, but it must have been over three weeks ago when the software was just about to start beta releases. I was lucky enough to sign up for an account early on, putting myself on the top of the beta list and giving me a Continue reading »

Star Rating System (Optional)

Some of you just leaned forward in your computer chairs, either intrigued by this idea or disgusted by it. I know what the latter of you are thinking, “Stars?… those aren’t very Digg-like”. Well, who says we have to do everything like Digg? In fact Pligg isn’t supposed to be a copy of Digg, we’re Continue reading »

Changing the ‘God’ Password

When you install Pligg, a “God” account is created in your database automatically. The username for this account is “God” (minus the quotes of course) and the password by default is “password”. After completing the first install of Pligg you should log into this account and change the password and email for the account. The Continue reading »