Vendor Information

If you are a designer or developer looking to publish templates, modules, widgets, or any other type of digital product related to Pligg CMS, then you need to learn about our new Vendor program. Vendors are a new user group that have the ability to add free or premium digital items to the Pligg Downloads area. If a Vendor chooses to sell one of their items through our marketplace, we give them a large commission (ranging from 60-80%) and the rest of the money goes back into Pligg CMS. It’s an easy way to make money as a developer, while at the same time supporting our open source project.

Showcase Coming Soon

The new Showcase Gallery website, which will replace what was previously known as the Gallery site, will be re-launched soon. We are still developing a Pligg template that will be used for the re-launched gallery site. For those who are unfamiliar with this section of the site, it is where you can submit your site to be featured as a custom Pligg CMS powered website. It’s a simple way for you to show off your design and development skills, while at the same time advertise your site on for free.

WAMP Domain Alias Tutorial

In this post, you will learn how to set up a domain alias for the purposes of pointing a domain to your local server files. This is useful so that you can develop a website locally before deploying it to a live server. We used a domain alias when developing the new design for so that we could test for broken URLs that might occur due to many large changes to the site structure. Below is a video guide that you can follow along with demonstrating how to set up a domain alias, or you can read the full article for step by step directions.

Rename the Register.php File

One trick that spammers use to mass post to Pligg sites is by creating a lot of accounts. What is annoying is that there isn’t much that we can do to block these account creations if we can’t discover a pattern to them. Your best option to prevent these bot accounts is to rename the register.php file to something random. You can even go one step further, and frequently keep renaming the registration file which really would throw a curve ball and make life more difficult for spammers.

Pligg 2.0 Beta Timeline

We are trying to finish up some details concerning a Kickstarter campaign and hope to start it soon. We apologize for taking longer than expected, but please be patient with us as we work to provide a better CMS.

What to Expect with Pligg 2

There has been a lot of interest in Pligg 2.0 since we announced its development a couple months ago, and we are excited to see the feedback being posted by users on the Pligg Demo site. In this post, we address some common questions and list some interesting new features in Pligg 2.