Pligg Forum’s Live Page

Last week I showed everyone the forum page that displays the estimated online time for Pligg forum users. This week I am showing off a feature that has never been shown to anyone outside of the developer group before. It’s called the “Live” page, it functions a lot like the Pligg “Live” page, updating information Continue reading »

Pligg Forum Time Statistics

I’m a huge fan of web statistics. I love figuring out how many visitors have checked out my site, how much time they have spent on it and even where the person is visiting from. A lot of these statistics are commonly found in site statistic software like Google Analytics and Mint, but neither offer Continue reading »

Codename: Fraxi, Part I

I’ve been working on a new template to be used on in the near future, and it has come to be known as Fraxi among the Pligg developers because I originally began designing the template for the domain The new template will be made as a Pligg template and as this point I Continue reading »

SuperGu Copyrights Pligg Code, Sends C&D

Digg this entry here. In recent weeks Pligg has received two letters from SuperGu (SG) and their law firm. The first letter stated that Pligg’s template yget infringed on SuperGu’s copyright. At first we wondered how could this be since SuperGu has never released any code and the beta code they did release (SuperGu 1.3) Continue reading »

Yet Another Server Change

We changed our hosting over to a DreamHost server about a month ago to try to lessen our downtime from the previous server, but it looks like a standard account on DreamHost isn’t enough for We are going to attempt to upgrade the server from a shared hosting account on DreamHost to a VPS Continue reading »

General Updates and Pligg Beta 9

New to the Pligg Forum navigation bar is a link to the Downloads section and a link to the IRC chat room. The downloads section is a great way to upload your own modules, templates and language files and share them with the community. Uploads are posted to the bottom of your forum profile, you Continue reading »