Forum Spambuster

In an effort to reduce spam posts we have installed the vBulletin module “Spambuster” on the Pligg forum. The plugin automatically detects spam based on a point system that checks keywords from users who haven’t posted much. Any posts that it thinks might be spam are automatically turned invisible and a thread is created for Continue reading »

Pligg Donors Rejoice!

I spent some time this evening going over what was causing problems with donors not being credited automatically like they did months ago. After looking into the problem I quickly realized that I had made a big mistake that had gone unnoticed for months. At some point I had installed two separate Paypal donation plugins Continue reading »

Donor Status Issues

There have been some issues with the Pligg donation page automatically crediting donors, so until I figure out a solution I will have to manually add donors to the list so that they no longer see ads. If you have donated using the same email address that you used to register for the Pligg forum Continue reading »

New Forum Look: vbFraxi

Today we are introducing a new look for the Pligg Forum. Now the forum matches the rest of the site, by adapting the Fraxi template used on the homepage and blog. The new template was coded by the good folks at Moonrank USA, and designed by myself (Yankidank). The templates were paid for by our Continue reading »

Pligg Beta 9.8

Pligg Beta 9.8 released today (9/8/2007) with several bug fixes and a more compatible and optimized template. We noticed today that it has been a really long time since the last major release, but if you compare us to Mac OS X we are moving pretty fast with incremental updates. Pretty soon we will be Continue reading »

Pligg Presentation at UTOSC

A reminder to all you Pliggers living out west. Pligg module developer Jesse Stay will be speaking at the Utah Open Source Conference this week. Jesse will be doing a presentation on developing Pligg modules and has created some great stuff for Pligg. I’m sure this will be a very informative presentation. Here are the Continue reading »

Pligg Wiki 2.0

Last week we shut down the old Pligg Wiki because of a large amount of spam that the moderators were not able to keep up with. To make up for the short Wiki downtime we are announcing the brand new Pligg Wiki 2.0. The new wiki system integrates with vBulletin, allowing registered forum members to Continue reading »