How To: Transfer Web Hosts

Transferring your site to a new webhost doesn’t have to be a pain, today I’m going to provide you with an easy to follow guide for backing up your website and changing webhosts.  This tutorial will guide you through using SSH, FTP, Pligg and phpMyAdmin methods for moving your data to a new server. These Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0.0 RC2 Release

It’s been 20 days since the RC1 release and it’s about time we get the next version out. Pligg 1.0.0 RC2 offers a lot of bug fixes from our previous release and a few new features and modules. The upgrade process from the Beta series still hasn’t proved to be a flawless process yet, but Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0.0 RC1 Released

Release candidate 1 of Pligg 1.0.0 has been released today and it’s going to blow your socks off. Even though this release is technically a test version prior to a final version, it is quite solid and packed full with great new features. As discussed previously, this version of Pligg will have a lot of Continue reading »

Demo Site Update

We are in need of some courageous testers to play around with our latest SVN demo on the new testing ground This demo site is running one of the latest SVN builds of Pligg and we need users to jump on the site and start toying around with it so that we can analyze Continue reading »

Seeking User Testimonials

We are redesigning our homepage and are in need of some great quotes from Pligg users to demonstrate how people are using Pligg and giving us some general praise. If you run a successful Pligg site, or work for a company that uses Pligg in some form, please leave a testimonial comment to this article Continue reading »

Development and Forum Updates

We are close to preparing our first release candidate for the next Pligg version and I am spending the day updating the secondary templates so that they will work with the new features added recently. I will also be reorganizing the forums, removing old threads and condensing forums to make it easier for new users Continue reading »

Forum Maintenance Tonight

We will be bringing down the Pligg forums for a short time (a few hours) to perform maintenance tasks on the forum and make some upgrades. After this is complete some of the former forum feature may disappear due to incompatibilities with the upgrade. Please contact us or leave a comment if you discover a Continue reading »