Pligg 1.1.0 Beta Testing

Starting today we are ready to begin the beta testing process for Pligg CMS 1.1.0. The new version of Pligg features an improved Admin Panel, a security fix, bug fixes, and many miscellaneous improvements. The 1.1.0 version of Pligg introduces Widgets to the Admin Panel Dashboard. If you don’t know what Widgets are, now is a good time to read the Widget blog article.

We are anxious to release this next version to address a security issue that was recently patched, but we would like to take a few days to beta test. This will allow beta users to discover bugs that we have not yet come across, and will let us test out Pligg on multiple web hosts. We would appreciate any input that you might have concerning this new beta version. Whether you would like to submit a recommendation, or if you just want to compliment any new features, we would appreciate your thoughts.

If you have an existing Pligg CMS website and you would like to volunteer to make the upgrade to 1.1.0, we welcome your feedback. We are also seeking users who want to try out a fresh install. Whether you are upgrading or starting from scratch, please make sure that you carefully test out Pligg and report back with any bugs that you might discover. Please post any bugs that you find to the Pligg Bug Report area. If you would like to just share a general thought, please leave a comment on this blog article.

You can download the current test build of Pligg by using this Sourceforge link, which will grab the absolute latest SVN version. Alternatively you can use one of the SVN builds from the semi-official Pligg Downloads page. We post SVN builds to this page whenever we feel that the code is relatively stable.

As always, we highly recommend that you test out “beta” versions on a non-production server. We are quite confident that the current build is stable, but it is always best to wait for a final release version. Beta testers should also make sure that they generate backups of the files and databases being used by Pligg before upgrading.

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3 thoughts on “Pligg 1.1.0 Beta Testing

  1. Good news. is pligg demo now on 1.1.0?

    As for features, i like to suggest to look at the ‘new digg’ match up to it.

    thanks for the great work.

  2. thanks for upgrading the arthemia template to get my facebook module working, and with all the modules, I feel pligg is the best opensource website builder, and if you could add working modules for online chat like facebook or meebo, as well as online user display, but particularly friends online display would be great.

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