Codename: Fraxi, Part I

I’ve been working on a new template to be used on in the near future, and it has come to be known as Fraxi among the Pligg developers because I originally began designing the template for the domain The new template will be made as a Pligg template and as this point I am not intending on making it available for download. Right now it only exists as a Photoshop .psd file of what the future homepage will look like for Pligg, but over the next couple weeks I will finish designing the 14 other pages that need to be made.

We are going to use this new template to help launch the next version of Pligg and help increase the traffic to by demonstrating Pligg on the homepage. I don’t want to give away too many details early on because I’m not sure if we can offer all of the features that I have imagined. I also don’t want to over-hype something that doesn’t exist yet because it’s ridiculous when people get excited over a series of images. To give everyone an idea of the style and color scheme I’ve decided to share a small snippet from the current image. More information will be shared about this template in a follow up post to come soon.


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