The 1 Minute Pligg Install

Today I wrote a new Shell script that will add the latest SVN files to your server and prepare them for a Pligg installation. This new file allows me to perform very fast Pligg installs. In roughly 55 seconds I can transfer the SVN files to the server, rename the necessary files, CHMOD files and directories, run the Pligg installer, and log into the Admin Panel for the first time.

You can Download the Shell script here. It comes in two varieties. The first file ( will prompt you for a version from the console. You can enter in a version number that you want to use, for example “1.0.4” would grab the stable 1.0.4 build of Pligg CMS. The second file ( will get you the latest version of Pligg. This version will not be as stable as an official release, but may have some benefits such as new features or bug fixes since the previous major version.

Why use the SVN command?

By using the SVN command in SSH you are preparing your site for very simple core updates. Whenever a new SVN version of Pligg is released, updates are as easy as the SSH command “svn up”. Use that command when inside of your Pligg directory to update it to the latest SVN build.

We realize that some of the SVN builds are not meant to be used on most production sites. This is why we are now using SVN tags to mark official releases. Each time we release a new version of Pligg, we will be adding new tags to the SVN so that you can update to a specific stable build. Updating will be a simple 1 line command from SSH.

svn sw .

The example code above would update your pre-1.0.4 site to the 1.0.4 release using the SSH SVN command.

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