Yet Another Server Change

We changed our hosting over to a DreamHost server about a month ago to try to lessen our downtime from the previous server, but it looks like a standard account on DreamHost isn’t enough for We are going to attempt to upgrade the server from a shared hosting account on DreamHost to a VPS account on Midphase. Midphase seems to offer great service and support and unlike DreamHost they have both VPS and Dedicated plans to choose from. The server change will happen sometime over the next few days and after the move we should be set at least for the rest of this year. Hopefully the move will be the last time we see downtime. Like the previous move that we made recently, it will take a while for some nameservers to update appropriately. Please be aware that some posts on the forum/wiki will be lost during the transfer due to nameserver syncing. Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone, we’re doing our best to accommodate the large amount of traffic that’s being driven to

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