Pligg 1.0.4 Repackaged

A bug caused by the new Admin News Management page has been fixed, causing us to re-release Pligg 1.0.4. The News Management page was changing the story status for multiple stories that were not meant to be changed whenever you would hit the “Apply Changes” button. This bug caused all of the articles that were marked as published on the News Management page to re-save their publish timestamp. Because Pligg uses this publish timestamp to sort stories on the homepage, it would cause problems with the sort order. Multiple stories had the same timestamp and Pligg didn’t know how to order them, so it would sometimes mix the publish order.This issue has been fixed by us writing code that tells Pligg to sort the published stories by publish date, and if publish timestamps match, sort those results by their submission date. This fix will correct the publish order on sites already effected by these incorrect publish timestamps. We have also applied a fix to the News Management page so that Pligg will only change the status for stories that move from one status to another when you hit the “Apply Changes” button.Another update included in the repackaged 1.0.4 build is the re-inclusion of the Akismet Anti-Spam module. We had removed Akismet from the default files because it wasn’t kept up to date, but after some time spent upgrading the module it is now working with Pligg 1.0.4.To apply these changes to your site just overwrite your previous 1.0.4 files with the new package and everything should work fine.
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2 thoughts on “Pligg 1.0.4 Repackaged

  1. Hi
    I was looking to ask these ,but thanks you have already fix this problem.Pligg Rocks .As i publish news,my old publishes news was again publishing.Now will update.

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