March Server Issues

For the past week we have been experiencing some very serious problems with our web server. The server has locked up several times, causing all requests to timeout resulting in never-ending page load times. The only way for us to recover the locked up server is to have a technical support representative from our web hosting company reboot the system for us, which is not a speedy process. The delay caused by having someone else reboot the system whenever it locked up has slowed our progress on diagnosing and fixing the root cause of our server issue.Currently the Forums are the most affected by our server issues. They are mostly inaccessible at the moment, and we are working on addressing this issue as soon as possible. Throughout the day you may receive error messages or pages that never complete. We are doing our best to address these issues and we should have the site back to normal soon.
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3 thoughts on “March Server Issues

  1. Does this server issue affect my pligg install? because I have a problem to access my configure page in admin page – There’s show “nothing fond”. I’m not sure this is relevant for this server issue (My assumption is when access configure page, the system may fetch data from, so down data not fetch and there is show “nothing found” in my configure page.

    Thank you for your answer soon

  2. What is the issue ?
    Is there DOS attack or it is server loads ?

    Most of the good hosting services allow remote reboot and its very helpful when you are unable to access server..

  3. @zidit The install process would only allow you to install in English if the server is down. Other than that everything should work fine with installation.

    @India We have switched hosts and upgraded our server to a much faster machine. I’m not sure if the problem is resolved, but right now the server load seems to have evened out.

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