Future 1.0.4 and 1.1.0 Releases

We have been fortunate that 1.0.3 has proven to be a fairly stable and bug free release, and because of that we have not posted a follow up version as quickly as we have done in the past. Last night I took some time to consider what features Pligg needs most, resulting in a roadmap for our next two releases.The first item on the list is to get a 1.0.4 version out that will contain some smaller fixes since the 1.0.3 release, as well as some feature improvements. One such feature that will be improved is the Admin Management pages, including the story, user and comment management pages. The interface for these pages is a little perplexing and could be improved through some small changes. Another item that has already been applied to the SVN version of Pligg is the way that Pligg treats users who have been reported for spamming. If you marked a user as a spammer through the “killspam” feature it will now change their user level to “Spammer”, resulting in them disappearing from the top users page and hiding them from the admin user management page. The same user management page has also been enhanced to allow you to sort users by their user level. Some people question why we don’t completely remove spam accounts from Pligg CMS, and the reason for that is that by deleting the account they can sign up with the same username, email and IP information. Once these changes have been made and all reported bugs from 1.0.3 have been fixed we will release a 1.0.4 version.The release to follow 1.0.4 will be a 1.1.0 version that will contain some major changes to the Pligg Admin Panel. The Admin Panel homepage will be rewritten and will feature a widget-based area where you will be able to configure what information you want to see when you log into the Admin area. Some example widgets that you might see are a latest 10 submissions, latest 10 comments, and site statistics widgets. The new Admin Panel Homepage will function similarly to iGoogle. We are excited to see what modules people will come up with to take advantage of this new Admin Homepage.The next Admin Panel feature that will be overhauled with the 1.1.0 release will be the module management page. We will be taking a fresh approach to this page and hope to make it easier to understand at first glance. Right now it does not provide the most beginner-friendly environment for managing modules, and I believe that a redesign will clear up a lot of questions that people have when they first view the page.There is no set time frame for either of these releases at this point. Most likely a 1.0.4 version will not be too far off, my best estimate would be that it will be ready in early March. If you have any suggestions for improving the admin page please leave a comment and we will consider it for the 1.1.0 version.
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30 thoughts on “Future 1.0.4 and 1.1.0 Releases

  1. I have used pligg for sometime; greatly appropriate the work you have done so far. BUT i think version 1.1.0 should take a longer leap to mach the other social platforms;

    1. Text links (as it is now), video (modules)links, images (module)and updates (modules) should have each ones own sections/in the front end.

    2. Admin should be able to decide main page module as she/he wishes.

    3. 3rd party module integration should also become easier in this format.

    I think it will make the pligg multi-purpose and widen use base significantly.

  2. When will we be able to:
    a. have users that could VOTE and COMMENT
    b. separated from users that POST articles, some of them automatically posting (maybe by email) and others posting but needing votes (at least 5) to be on first page
    c. have an abstract of a news and the full content of an article ONLY be available to be read by another TYPE of registered members (that we could bill them for accessing the FULL content of each article instead of going to read it in the Original source, when available).

  3. These are much-needed improvements. Applause!

    For the 1.04 release, will you also make it so that spammers’ profile pages do not appear in the public part of the site? Right now a spammer’s profile page is still generated. We’ve had people linking back to spammy sites from their profiles pages, and even though we’ve killspammed them, their profile still appears (along with their links to bad neighborhoods). Would love to avoid that.

  4. here’s what I’d like to see in the new pligg:
    1) numbered list of users
    2) ability to choose the theme from a combobox
    3) ability to choose the language from a combobox


  5. we need email functions that allow us to contact our vistors so we can send them

    daily top 10 links
    or weekly news later
    and we need maillist system to advertise

  6. One simple feature that I think you could make is change the profile for the messagens inbox could display like a scrapbook at orkut.
    Another thing is upload images by the tinyMCE editor and choose de position on the story would be great! sorry for my bad english =]

  7. we nead email notification for both admin and users

    so admin can know when there is new emails

    and the user can know if his post approved or not

  8. @Milan: that is not a bug. In addition, we no longer package or support the RSS Import module.

    @Free_spirit: I’m not sure what you mean by auto approving submitted links. Pligg doesn’t require any type of verification for new stories, so we already do auto-approve new submissions. Also, we have a module for notifying admins of new stories: http://bit.ly/asIW9M.

    @arczi: 1. We are trying to make identifying spammers easier, but we will not add a feature to completely remove any user from the Pligg database. The reason for this is so that you can track. If you really need to remove a user you could do so from PHPMyAdmin after killspamming the user to remove their comments and stories. 2. We are thinking about adding a new ranking system to Pligg in the 1.1.0 version. If this goes into Pligg each user would get a unique number to rank them by their activity level(ex. the most active user would be #1). 3. Users can embed files using the Upload module. It’s as far as we are able to go with this type of feature right now.

    @Dean: We will be working on some admin panel and user profile improvements for 1.1.0. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, we will probably add a new rank system that will be based on karma.

    @Stefano: Thanks for the admin editor idea.

  9. Is there a Module were Users gets Notification in their registered emails base on the activities they performed. Like Someone commenting on ones story. the previous users that commented should get notification’s and also the story editor etc.

    If not yet available, Pls would appreciate if it can be included in future releases. Would increase users participation.


  10. I have been deleting spammers from mysql database. I haven’t noticed any of them signing back up with the same email or username. The same IP address, sometimes (but usually all at once), but not the same username or exact email address.

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