MacWorld 2007 Apple Store Before and After

I’m one of the few Pliggers excited about MacWorld, which starts today. I wanted to keep track of what exactly they are going to update so I’ve created an image gallery filled with Apple Store screenshots from early today. Later today after Apple announces it’s new products and updates their online store I will take a second wave of screenshots and post a second gallery with the newer products and prices. The idea is to help track the technical and price changes for some of the most popular products from Apple. I’m hoping for a Final Cut update, some suprising new features in Mac OS X Leopard, new displays, a bigger (screen) and better video iPod and last but not least… the holy grail, iPhone/iMobile. Rumors have been circling for about a year now about the Apple iPhone and it just happens to be the perfect time for me to upgrade my phone. Unfortunately the rumors are that if the iPhone exists Apple won’t let cell carriers bundle the phone with contracts tto reduce the cost of the phone. Great business model for Apple to allow them to keep their iPods in the $250 price range, horrible business model for someone who likes to bundle cell phone contracts to get huge discounts. If I don’t see an iPhone by the end of the day I’ll have to settle for a new Sony Ericsson.

I’m also in the market for upgrading my MacBook to the latest version, or stepping up to the big brother MacBook Pros. Hopefully there will be some announcement to lower the cost of the refurbished MacBooks just a few more bucks, or alternatively Apple could come out with some crazy new tablet PC to rock my world.

I’ll update this post with a link to the second gallery with post MacWorld pics tomorrow after the keynote. For now check out the Pre MacWorld Slideshow

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