Free Template Contest Winners

We are happy to announce that we have chosen the top 3 free Pligg CMS templates. We took into consideration the overall design, the author’s history with the Pligg community, and any bugs discovered when testing the template. Also important were the number of votes each template received, how many people have marked the template as “Installed” on the forum, and the author’s commitment to keep the template up to date and provide support.First Place: Mystique This template by Unu immediately blew us away. Even though the original template was designed for WordPress, we can tell that the author has spent a considerable amount of time working on this template to make it fit Pligg CMS. There are a lot of great javascript effects and overall the template works with very few bugs to speak of.Second Place: Season This template by Sansui comes in four different flavors which can quickly be changed due some javascript magic. We are not huge fans of the color scheme or background images, but it looks like many Pligg users are using this template. Since the community voice is important to us we choose to ignore some of our personal preferences and award this template second place.Third Place: Galmark The final template was designed by forum member Shakila. While the design of Galmark is very nice, it suffers from a pretty big bug in the category navigation menu that could have easily been fixed. This bug along with the user’s lack of activity on are what made it rank third instead of second.
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