Server Status, 1.0.2 Re-release

It looks like the server was down for a short amount of time last night. The outage began a little before 5:00 am EST and continued until nearly 9:00 am EST. Some users on Twitter are reporting that the forums have been down for an extended period of time, but we are only able to detect that 4 hour period of time. If anyone has problems in the future accessing the forums or any other part of please Tweet us @pligg.Someone caught a bug in the 1.0.2 release that we would like to patch, so we will be re-releasing 1.0.2 this afternoon with a fix. The bug is related to the Groups feature for Pligg. Pagination on group published, upcoming and shared pages does not seem to work, resulting in group stories being displayed on one page rather than being spanned across many pages.
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