Pligg CMS 1.0.2 Release

The latest version of Pligg includes many fixes and new features. The list of changes is quite extensive and can be read on the Pligg 1.0.2 release thread. One of the highlights include updates to CAPTCHA that allow you to require users to fill in a CAPTCHA field whenever a user submits a comment or story. As mentioned in the previous blog entry, we are working on providing more solutions to fight spam and by adding CAPTCHA to story and comment input forms you should be able to reduce some types of spam.A new “Auto Update” module has been added to make upgrading Pligg easier. It will detect when a new version of Pligg CMS is available and alert you from the admin panel when you should upgrade. The module then has the capability to download and extract the latest version of Pligg onto your server and run through the upgrade script. It’s still an early module that needs some testing, but we hope that making it available will encourage users to upgrade their site more frequently and closer to the release dates. One final note about this module is that users will still need to manually update any template files that have been changed between releases. Luckily the template changes are becoming less and less with each version of Pligg because of our module system.The final module worth noting is the XML Sitemap module, which has been updated to work with Pligg 1.0.2. It should provide search engines with a more accurate map of your site, resulting in improved search engine results.Things are a little easier to manage on your Pligg site with the 1.0.2 update. Improvements have been made to the admin panel group, comment and story management pages. It should now be easier to mass delete bad content from your website.
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