Upcoming 1.0.2 Release

We have been working for a while now on the 1.0.2 release, and after 2 and a half months of work we are just about ready to release an update for one of the most promising CMS’s. I have been holding off on this release because I wanted to provide a rock solid release to go with the new Status Update module which we will be releasing at the same time as 1.0.2. We have also written a new “Auto Update” module which should make it easy for you to upgrade from 1.0.2 and beyond without having to deal with using FTP to transfer files to your server.

The top priority for our developers now is to fight spam and we plan on creating a series of FREE modules to combat the 2 major types of Pligg spam. The first type is the most common and it’s the generic spam that every blog and forum on the internet see. It is a type of spam that is usually filled with keywords that could easily be detected and flagged as spam. We are in the beginning stages of developing a free word filter module for Pligg that will use a dictionary of words to deal with this type of spam. It could also be useful for blocking profanity on your site. The second form of spam is far more difficult because it is much better at disguising itself as a legitimate story. It comes from either software or services that allow people to submit to many Pligg (and other CMS) sites all at once. Unfortunately we are taking a while to perfect our battle strategy on how to stop this type of spam over the long haul. As we hammer out the details we will spend time developing a couple free modules to protect Pligg users from this type of spam, or at the very least slow it down. There are some already great solutions out there for battling spam, including the Submit Antispam Addon and Story Admin Email Moderation modules.

If you can’t wait for the 1.0.2 release, or if would like to test our latest SVN version you can grab SVN release 1743 here. We could use your help testing this version for bugs since we have made quite a few changes to the core and it’s always best to get a variety of users opinion on our builds before an official release. Test it out and let us know if you have any problems by visiting our IRC chat room.

One last reminder is that everyone needs to vote for Pligg as this year’s Most Promising CMS’s. There’s only 1 day left and this will be the last reminder.

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming 1.0.2 Release

  1. Hi,
    there s a problem / bug in 1.0.2. i cant create a new user, because every time pligg says to me, that inside the username there would be incorrect / not allowed letters … but i tried a lot of usernames like anton e.g. …

    greets captaincut

  2. I absolutly love the pligg cms, but stopping all the spam is proving to be rather difficult. Will there be any anti-spam updates built into this next release?

  3. As well as running my pligg website, I also run a few joomla ones and a wordpressMU blog hosting service. All of them get attacked by spam bots. I have found that one of the most effective ways of keeping them out is to have a “secret question”

    capatcha works up until a point, but they will eventually get cracked. A secret question, especially for a Niche site like mine works very well as theres no easy way of writting software to crack it.

  4. @Roger
    There will be an update for the CAPTCHA module that will allow you to force users to fill in a CAPTCHA form with each story or comment that they submit. Other than that we have built in some features for moderating comments that will hook into future modules down the road.

  5. amazing CMS i can not wait to start develop my own site but but i am trying to take good name for the site. but i am working on my beta version with pligg csm and found it is the one of awesome CMS for social networking and sharing content with others.


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