Pligg’s Birthday is Right Around the Corner

I hope everyone has already bought Pligg a gift for it’s first birthday, because if it doesn’t get a PS3 this year it’s going to be pissed.
Come join us Sunday, December 17th, 2006 for Pligg’s first birthday. We will be celebrating all day long on the forum and in the IRC room ( and we’re partying in a bit of an unusual way. Rather than expecting gifts from Pligg friends, we’re giving gifts out on Pligg’s birthday. To encourage users who don’t have a web hosting account yet we will be offering a one day coupon for $97 off hosting over at Use the coupon code “BIRTHDAY” on December 17th to get a web hosting package and a domain for just $22.40! On top of that we will be handing out prizes randomly to forum members and IRC visitors throughout the day. Hope to see you at the birthday celebration!

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