Adsense Revenue Sharing Mod for 8.2

This was posted by Dravis on the forum and it deserved some attention because this is a fantastic mod that many people have requested. He provided an excellent writeup on how to install this mod, so make sure that you check it out if you want a way to improve your user participation. Below is Dravis’ explanation of what this modification is.

Users may add an Adsense ID and Adsense Channel (optional) to their account settings. If they set they’re Adsense ID, from that point forward, every time a story they posted is viewed, there’s a chance their ads are displayed. The optional Adsense Channel allows the user to track how many impressions and clicks their ads are getting through their Adsense account. You set the default revenue share percent for all users while implementing the mod, but after that, you may adjust any user’s revenue sharing percent through the user administration menu. So for example if you want to reward one particular member for their recent participation, you can bump just that one user’s revenue share from 50% to 80%. The way this mod is set up, there is no revenue sharing for ads on the front page summary, or any other pages on the site, just the full story pages where you can submit comments. As a safety precaution to protect your users, as long as they’re logged into their user account, they’ll never be shown their own ads in an attempt to help prevent them from accidentally clicking them and getting banned from Google.

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  1. GiGld – based on Pligg – but only for laughs voting and bookmarking site has no advertising.
    Let me just say this once.
    Advertising isn’t funny.
    So GiGld has no ads.

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