Arthemia Template and Featured Module

I wanted to demonstrate how quickly templates/themes from other CMSs could be converted to Pligg, so Friday afternoon I began work converting the WordPress theme Arthemia into Pligg. Since WordPress is probably the most widely used CMS it seemed like a perfect candidate to show off how easy making templates for Pligg can be. After about 24 hours I ended up with not only a new template for Pligg, but also a module to go with it.

The Featured module was based on CMStheme’s “Featurify” module. The original module was designed to have admins upload images to rotate through as a slideshow on a Pligg site. The images were linked to related stories and would display the story title and description as stored in the database. The module had a lot of features that were close to what I was looking for, so after a lot of hacking I got it to work as more of a featured story management tool than slideshow tool. View the embedded video above for a quick demonstration of both the module and template. Here’s a link to the Arthemia Template for Pligg and the Featured module that goes with it.

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