Pligg Advertising and Funding

After the release of Beta 8 a couple weeks ago I came up with a new idea for helping Pligg get some money for future use. The idea was to start offering Pligg sites the ability to buy an advertising spot on the homepage. I didn’t want every site to jump on the wagon, so I created a few rules in order for a site to be accepted on to the front page advertisements. Each website must be currently using the Pligg code in some form, each website must use a customized template and will not accept sponsorship from adult-oriented sites, or sites affiliated with adult material. So far Pligg has nearly doubled our Pliggy bank and we recently broke the $1,000 mark for a short time. Soon after breaking the 1G mark we donated $60 to the designer responsible for submitting the template nicknamed “Paul” that is now included with the 8.2 release. Now the Pliggy bank hovers just below the one thousand mark eager to bubble over once again.

Some of you may have noticed the advertisements outside of the homepage because yesterday I decided to remove the text-link ads on Pligg’s forums that were running for a few weeks, and replace them with the Pligg site advertisements. I figured it was more important to feature fellow Pligg sites and give some good publicity to those who have been loyal rather than making a few cents each day on text-links. I also added an image for Dreamhost to the forum ads because I noticed that I recently had a spike in Dreamhost referrals that has made Pligg as much as $350 (if all goes well). I think this would be a good time to plug Pligg’s PLIGG25 coupon code for Dreamhost that gets you 25% off all orders under $400.

If you are interested in joining the Pligg advertising campaign that now spans across all of please read the Pligg Advertising thread on the forum and then contact me via pm or email through the forum. We have a limited amount of slots for advertisers, so it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“Think of it as getting something back for your donation”

Advertising Rates:
– One Week front page rotation (7 days): $20
– One Month front page rotation (30 days): $60
– One 1/2 year front page rotation (6 months): $300
– One 1/2 year front page permanent (6 months): $380

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