CrazyEgg, Pligg and the Digg Effect

Since today was the big release for Beta 8 and the unveiling of our new homepage, we decided to use the super-neato service provided by to help us learn more about user browsin habbits on the forum and homepage for Pligg. CrazyEgg offers three viewing modes that overlay on your website. The first is an overlay that displays little plus icon buttons next to clicked links and color codes them appropriately to show how popular they are. The colors range from a dark blue to red (think cold –> hot). The second viewing mode is a list, which basically draws a table to show your links and clicks for each link. The final view is the heatmap, which is probably the neatest thing ever. Rather than explaining everything take a look at the following pics…



CrazyEgg limits accounts to 5,000 visits per month, and Pligg used all of those up in one afternoon. Fortunately we gathered enough information to help us determine the best placement for links and the data gave us a great perspective on what’s hot on the homepage and forum.

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2 thoughts on “CrazyEgg, Pligg and the Digg Effect

  1. Clearly shown that your Demo page is selling more like hotcakes than any other sites. I have tried out Pligg myself, and for a start it may seem difficult to install without reading the instructions from the site.

    After a while, those configurations were pretty straightforward. But, the interface lacks much functionalities. For instance, god’s nick cannot be changed. Categories cannot be deleted, and more.

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