Beta 8 Release Day

After testing two release canidates and months of waiting from the previous big release we have finally decided to present to the public our latest and greatest stable release of Pligg. Beta 8 has so many new features we really don’t even know how we can list them all, so for now we’re recommending that everyone give it a go on our demo site. Not only have we released a new version of Pligg, but we have also released a new Pligg homepage. The new homepage layout is much cleaner and structured to help maximize page space to make finding things easier. Another big move is our new way of serving you the latest files for Pligg. From now on you can get the latest stable version of Pligg from our sourceforge page. I figured that a giant “Download Now” image would be obvious enough to encourage new users to download and install Pligg without much hassle. The new homepage also features a “Featured Pligg Sites” section where we are displaying some of the best Pligg sites out there. The sites presented in this sidebar demonstrate the potential of Pligg and how it can be used in original and creative ways.

The last bit of news is related to the “featured Pligg Sites” area. We will soon be offering front page advertising for Pligg-only sites on for a small fee. The money that Pligg makes off of these front page advertisements will go into the Pliggy bank for future development projects. We will also consider giving free spots to those who have donated time and/or money to the Pligg project in the past. There will be requirements however in order for your site to be posted, but all of those rules will be discused in further detail later on. The basic rule is that the site being featured must be actively running Pligg and have a customized template. More on this later.

Enjoy Beta 8 everyone and get to work with the bug reporting. I have already discovered an error in the admin panel for installations on subdomains, but as of this moment it’s the only moderately big bug.

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One thought on “Beta 8 Release Day

  1. Thanks to the release of Pligg Beta 8, and its announcement over at, I am able to know its existence. Just set managed to set up the CMS at NeoHide Linking Point and it proves to be really useful.

    Except some configurations were really difficult to manage, I was expecting open-source manageability, but still it is an excellent piece of tool. Keep it up, Pligg.

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