New Forum Rules

Since I have seen so many repeat posts in the forum I have decided to force users to agree to the new forum rules before posting. This applies even to those who have posted in the past including myself, and I wrote the damn thing. Lately there haven’t been too many repeat posts so I’m just taking steps to prevent the karma from going bad. There have been a lot of posters though who haven’t read the rules and they are reporting problems without giving us the necessary details to fix them. Please take a moment to read through the rules, even if you are a regular Pligg forum visitor, this will help better the whole Pligg experience.

1. If a post is written in any language other than English, it may be removed from the site.
2. Don’t spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages. Spam of any sort will result in an immediate permanent ban.
3. Search the forum before starting a new thread. Be sure to also search the wiki, even though it is limited at this time.
4. Before starting a new thread please make sure that your permissions are correct by running /Smarty_Test.php. Your results should look something like this. This is often a problem with fresh installs.
5. If a solution can not be found from previous threads, please create a new thread.
6. In your thread please give us your Pligg version, template (version if available), your URL and any other information that might help detail your problem. BE SPECIFIC.
7. Please make sure that the info.php file is viewable on your site’s root. This will assist us in diagnosing problems.
8. Do not bump your own thread for at least 5 days. Be patient.
9. If you find a solution to your own problem, please post your solution to your thread to assist anyone else who might come across the same problem in the future.

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