I’m a Loser, Yet Again

My submission into Gizmodo’s “Show Us Your “Pod Giveaway” contest didn’t make it to first place (*shrug*). I did come close though, only 21 votes away from the first place video submission. What I’m most proud of is that most of Gizmodo’s registered users are smart enough to recognize that the first place submission was really dumb and an old idea. Blowing stuff up is nothing new to the web, and the video quality is so poor that you can’t even see it. Here are some excerpts from some of the Gizmodo users concerning the outcome:

Monty says:
Skip the next contest and give the prize to the iPod Halloween Costume. It should have won anyway.

someToast says:
iPod costume was better.
Doubly-so since Eric obviously has a nano to use the accessory package with.

I guess that I’ll have to come up with something wickedly awesome for the next contest so that Gizmodo users will have no choice but to vote for my submission. I’m sad to not get my hands on the iPod gear (which half was going to my g/f, the other half to my mom), but Gizmodo has given out far greater prizes in the past. I suppose it just wasn’t my time.

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