Design a Template, Win Cash Prizes!

Want to show off your design skills and at the same time win some money? Have I got a contest for you! The Template Design Competition gives theme developers a chance to earn up to $300 for designing a Pligg template. Now’s a great time to try designing your first Pligg template, or for experienced developers to brush up on their skills. Users have until October 11 to submit a template, so get to work or tell a friend about the contest.


First Place: $300 USD, to be paid through Paypal.Second Place: $100 USD, to be paid through Paypal.Third Place: $50 Pligg Pro gift certificate that can be used to purchase any item(s) from the Pligg Pro shop.

To show our appreciation to all those who contribute a unique and well designed template, we will be giving away a $20 Pligg Pro gift certificate to all qualified template authors.


To be clear about what we are looking for here is a list of rules, regulations and judgment criteria that will be used to determine the winner of this competition. See the bold items for the most important information.
  • Open Source The source code for the template must not be encrypted and should be licensed under an appropriate open source license. You may license the work under the GPL license, MIT License, a Creative Commons variation, or similar so long as it allows for commercial use and modifications.
  • Pligg 1.0.0 Compatible The template must be designed to work with Pligg 1.0.0 or above.
  • Posting Your Template All templates should be uploaded to the Free Templates forum. Please start a new thread and attach the template files, a screenshot (when possible), and a description of your template. All new threads to that forum are currently being manually reviewed before appearing, so you may have to wait a few hours before others will see your template.
  • Competition End This competition will end October 10, 2009 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • You can re-use templates, CSS, Javascript, etc. from other sources as long as you comply with the source license. For example you can port a WordPress theme to Pligg as long as the WordPress theme is licensed to allow you to modify and re-purpose it.
  • No copyright infringement. Please make sure that all elements strictly adhere to international copyright law. If you are struggling to find images to use try the Flickr Creative Commons search feature or open source image galleries like stock.xchng.
  • Each template should include a link to You may change the text used to link to Pligg, but we recommend using “Pligg CMS” or “Pligg Content Management System”.
  • No advertisements should be contained in the template.
  • Keep it kid-friendly and “safe for work”.

Judging Method

The top 3 sites will be selected by a simple general vote by the members of Pligg LLC. The second round of voting will consist of a point system to determine the quality, originality, and overall design. These three criteria will be equally weighed in the voting process and each will have a possible value of 10. A perfect template would result in a total score of 30.
Looking for inspiration? Check out the Pligg Design Gallery for examples of what others are doing with Pligg.

The Fine Print

This contest will be judged by the employees of Pligg LLC and announced in a timely manner. Winners must be able to accept Paypal payments in order to receive their prize money. You must have a account to be eligible to win. Employees of Pligg LLC and hired freelancers hired by Pligg LLC are not eligible to be nominated for this contest. By submitting a template you are agreeing to license your work under an open source license as outlined in the post above. If you do not choose a license for your work, by submitting a template to you are allowing Pligg LLC to select an open source license on your behalf. Templates submitted after October 11, 2009 at 12:00 am EST will not be eligible for this contest. The rules, judging criteria, and other items from this blog entry may be adapted, edited or removed without notice.

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  1. Based on the Whistie template…we modified this template to accommodate the client’s aesthetic and technical requirements. We would be glad to add a “Powered by Pligg” logo to the final submitted template. Thanks for your consideration.

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