I Need Your Votes!

After losing the CommandN geek photo contest I have decided to try to win another contest with the same photo on Gizmodo.com. Amazingly, my entry is in second place and quickly making it’s way up the ranks. I’m still 25 votes shy (as of this blog entry) from claiming the prize, but I have faith that my online brethren will help me reach first place in this contest. I need everyone to please take a moment to vote for my “iPod Halloween Costume” submission on Gizmodo so that I can give my girlfriend some awesome iPod gear. Nothing wins the chicks over more than some sweet tech gear by the way. I’m quite desperate to win this one since CommandN rejected me (darn you Amber), but even if I don’t win I’m happy to see that I received so many votes. All of the hard work that I put into that costume (20 minutes of spraying myself with black hair dye) is finally starting to pay off. The current first place entry is a video of a guy skeet shooting a broken iPod with his shotgun. I think the web has seen enough of expensive electronics blowing up for one decade.

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