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Even though Pligg is an open source project free for anyone to download or contribute to, we have found there is plenty of reasons to keep some capitol available to tap into every once in a while.

One of our first thoughts would be hire professional designers and coders to take on some of the sub-projects of Pligg. Who knows, some of you might even be the one’s we’re paying for some of these projects. It would be nice to reward those who contribute the best mods and templates with a bit of green if only to make them feel like their appreciated. Not to mention the inevitable court case against Digg (don’t take that joke seriously)

Pligg has only one PHP developer at the moment, AshDigg. Pligg is a side project for him (not his main job) and I think we can all agree that he has done wonderful work so far. Having some of the “burden” released from his shoulders can help him focus more on the future of pligg & feature implementation.

My goal for this fundraiser is to make $1,000 in 30 days. That would be enough to hire full-time PHP coder for a week (about $600) and have enough left over for other fun stuff like template designs, mods, user interface/accessibility and graphic design.

Here’s a general outline of what we will use money on to speed up the development proces and a look at what’s ahead for Pligg users:

1. New admin panel. A nice new interface to customize pligg for your specific options. No longer will you have to open up config.php in a text editor just to make some simple changes to your site!
2. New template(s). Our new template’s look will finally match our “web 2.0” feel.
3. Bug Fixes. We want to finish squashing the final bugs that are driving you all crazy… And FINALLY release a “stable” release. Say goodbye to beta.
4. Collaborative filtering engine. Imagine being able to suggest articles based on how others have voted similar to how suggests items that you might like based on how others have shopped. This idea will take Pligg to the next level.
5. New article features. Graphs to display a stories voting habits, a users activity and popularity. We also would like to focus on article readability, for example: the ability to “read more”.
6. Improved user interface. We want to deliver a polished interface that will leave your users wanting more. Help us help you!
7. Social networking and groups. Why have only a friends list when you can create groups? Form groups based on similar interests (film, music artist, anime, etc.) and share articles with each other.

If you would like to participate in the Pligg fundraising please private message me via the forum with your email address and I’ll send you an invite to the pligg fundraiser account where you can donate via paypal or credit card. Any donation is appreciated and I assure you that it all goes toward a worthy cause.

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4 thoughts on “Pligg Fundraiser

  1. Ashdigg & Yankidank,

    Thank you for spending time making Pligg what it is. I use it for and think one day it could be great.

    Looking at your list above I find it interesting that you make admin your first priority. I would make it last. Idea #2 and #6 should be first.

    A good template with a decent navigation system, something Digg lacks, is most important and should be first priority. Improving the user profile experience should be second priority, followed by Karma, and finally bug squashing.

    In my opinion, the best way to achieve these goals would be to work closely with Steef & Gang by incorporating his new template and ideas into Pligg. This would move Pligg forward faster.

    I agree others should give, maybe a better way to get some cash would be to create a subscription service, a sort of “premium membership” where people who give get help with installation, a better template, and faster help with other issues.

    Price it at $10 per/month. I think anyone serious about using Pligg successfully would be willing to pay that amount in exchange for a “potentially” excellent Pligg.

    Just a thought…

    James Phelps
    Inbox News

    P.S. I have previously donated.

  2. I’d also be interested in supporting the project, but the roadmap is not aligned with what is important to us.

    The bells & whistles are not important; we can admin using text files.

    What’s important is a release that’s complete and that can be integrated with other authentication systems.

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