Forum Signatures Reset

In order to fight spam on the forums I have reset all forum user’s signatures today. If you wish to reset your signature on the forums you can do so by adding one again through the forum user control panel. This one-time clearing of the signatures removed many older spam links that were inserted before we began requiring a minimum post count in order to have a signature. Since the post count rule did not apply to existing signatures when we implemented it, spam signatures have been sitting untouched for a couple of years. By wiping the slate clean on all signatures it only causes a slight nuisance for legitimate users, but completely destroys spammers. Forum signature spam is a big problem because it is difficult to continuously monitor over 43,000 user profile pages for inappropriate content. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by removing signatures, but it should be easy to update your signature. Before setting your new signature please review the forums signature rules that I’ve printed below:
  1. Your signature may not contain more than 2 links and 1 of those links must be a Pligg-based website.
  2. Your signature may not link to adult content of any sort. This includes any website that hosts adult affiliated content, whether that be imagery, language or other mediums.
  3. Your signature must not be an eyesore. Please use normal size and color fonts so that your signature doesn’t distract from forum conversations.
  4. You may promote items and services for sale in your signature provided that these items are directly related to Pligg CMS. For example a Pligg template for sale or design services for Pligg-based websites.
  5. If your signature contains any elements that Pligg moderators dislike, we reserve the right to remove it or even ban your account. We take spam abuse and our own forum rules very seriously.
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