Pligg 1.0.1 Release

The Pligg CMS 1.0.1 update is now out and you can read the changelog on the official Pligg 1.0.1 forum thread. The biggest changes are to the 5 star voting method, since we wanted to use it on the new Pligg Design Gallery. 5 star voting will now display the user’s vote number on their voting history page rather than the average vote number displayed elsewhere. Users can also remove their votes (also known as unvoting) using the same unvote button used by the “Digg” voting method. There are also a number of fixes and smaller features added to this version of Pligg, so we recommend anyone running 1.0.0 to upgrade now.Update @ August 14, 7:00 PM EST: I’ve repackaged the 1.0.1 download because of a bug that broke the admin language editor. If you downloaded before 7:00 PM EST you should upload the new /libs/html1.php file to fix the problem. Thanks to forum member FnCool for the fix and billo for pointing out the problem.
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One thought on “Pligg 1.0.1 Release

  1. I like pligg because even if it doesn’t have an auto update feature (similar to wordpress), it is still offers decent ways of notifying about any updates.

    good work!

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