Alex Bosworth’s Digg Button Workaround

Since Digg has not yet built in a live voting method from third party sites, many users have been trying to figure out a way around this problem so that users could vote directly from their own sites. Alex Bosworth’s blog post from yesterday shows an interesting workaround for getting a live Digg button and article to display on his own site. The result is some tricky iframe-like javascript.

As you can see, it cuts off a tiny bit of the vote box, but it is probably as close to perfection that we can get without the release of some Digg API. This javascript is generated automatically by using a php web page where you enter in your own data for the Digg url, story title, and description. There is even an option to enter in your own css, which is something that I haven’t yet experimented with. Kudos to Alex for posting such an interesting workaround, I hope he releases his code so that we can play around with it for even more interesting ideas.

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