Need a Developer? Try oDesk provides a really easy way to hire and manage developers online. The idea is pretty brilliant because it really streamlines the process for finding and hiring developers. The site pre-screens applications before they are able to be hired out from the site, helping guarantee that you don’t get stuck with a total noob. oDesk also keeps a resume online, called Assignment History, that shows the developers previous assignments on oDesk, their skills, quick facts, education and other details.

After you’ve hired your work group you can manage your team through the “My Team” page. From here you can manage each developer and take a look at their work diaries. The work diary keeps tabs on your developers work habits and displays useful information such as screenshots of their desktop every 10 minutes along with webcam screenshots when available and most importantly how many clicks and keystrokes have been made every 10 minutes. This makes sure that your team remains on task and helps you gauge how productive they are. When it comes time to pay for your developers, oDesk bills you once a week and charges your credit card on file for the hours worked by your team. Nothing could be easier.
I suggest that anyone interested should check out this flash tour to learn more about oDesk. Here are some hourly rate examples to give you an idea as to how much developers might cost you.

Skill Average Hourly Rate No. of Providers
.NET Developer$14.95431
C/C++ Developer$15.20374
Java Developer$16.64305
Oracle Datab…$16.47312
PHP Developer$14.71375
Tech Writer$20.3587
Visual Basic$17.19257
Web Designer$15.20233
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