Upcoming Updates and Site Down Time

Tomorrow, August 13, 2009, we will be releasing an update for Pligg CMS and we will also be upgrading the Pligg Forums. Prior to the Pligg CMS release we will bring down the forums for about an hour. Once we have finished the upgrade process the Forums will be brought back online and we will release Pligg CMS 1.0.1. An extensive changelog will be published with the Pligg CMS 1.0.1 release thread that will detail the main changes since Pligg 1.0.0. An email will be sent out to forum members tomorrow after we have upgraded the site and prepared the next release.
Update 1: Thursday, August 13, 10:30 AM I’ve just detected a problem with the upgrade not moving threads to the new forums. I will need to revert the threads back by 30 hours to recover these missing threads. The forums will be pulled offline for another hour for testing beginning after noon EST.
Update 2: Thursday, August 13, 01:20 PM I’ve completed the forum upgrade. If you experience any broken thread URLs please let me know. If the threads have been removed from the forum you should be redirected to either the forum homepage or the new Gallery page depending on the thread you were trying to view. Unfortunately I had to use a database backup from 30 hours prior to the upgrade, so I have lost the past day of data and new user registrations. If you have registered in the past 2 days on the Pligg forum you will need to re-register.
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