CrispyNews: We’ve Got Company

While reading up on Webby’s World blog I found an article that frightened me for a brief moment. It was about a fresh new site called CrispyNews that offers a service vaguely like Pligg to beta testers.

The good news is that we don’t have to be worried about them and making all of our hard work obsolete because their goals are seperate from ours and their style is distinctly their own. Rather than letting users take their script onto their own domain, they are stuck as subdomains of The site is aiming to be more like a Digg divided up into many dozen sub-categories (eventually hundreds or even thousands) that all share the same database of users. This lets you go from a page for sports to a page featuring american idol without having to re-login. Besides just the ability to post and vote for stories the site gives users the ability to upload images to attach to the stories and they also have a very simple forum on each site. The major downside is probably the layout and visuals for the site. All of the subdomains have the same look, and a plain one at that, and every section is pretty limited. Check out the site on your own, or even sign up to beta test your own CrispyNews site and let us know what you think of it. There might be some great ideas that the site has that you might want to let us know about.

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3 thoughts on “CrispyNews: We’ve Got Company

  1. CrispyNews has a huge upside, for its simpleness and plainness: the speed with which one can set something up.

    And speed is essential in the game of getting attention from others on the Internet. I’ve been playing with social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg and finding they have a large number of users that aren’t quite satisfied with them. Digg is very techno-libertarian; Reddit is DailyKos Left. While they both bring up interesting articles and there are wonderful discussions to be had, one wonders if they’re a bit too niche because of the users.

    So I’ve taken CrispyNews and set up a “Conservative” social bookmarking/voting site – – mainly to see what I will get. I think this might turn out to be huge, because it isn’t a matter of specialization; it’s a matter of an entire group of users being neglected or alienated at other sites. But again, it’s the speed of setting something up that allows me to make these sorts of claims, and to try. And I haven’t really capitalized on speed; I’d have more than one user if I did.

    But still. Something to consider.

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