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After spending a while hosting our SVN with Beanstalk, we’ve decided to switch back to SourceForge. Even though SourceForge doesn’t offer some of the great features that Beanstalk offers, the Achilles’ heel of Beanstalk is that it doesn’t give unregistered users access to their great web interface for browsing files. The lack of this feature hurts open source projects like Pligg CMS and after a year of us waiting for them to add the feature we’ve given up on Beanstalk. now offers a much improved user interface and more useful features since we originally left over a year ago. They also are a great source for attracting open source developers, which we are always on the lookout for. Now that we are back with Sourceforge you will see more updated figures and statistics provided by SourceForge, along with updated download packages hosted by SourceForge.Update your SVN information and point it to to get the latest Pligg Subversion repository.We have also updated our download counter script today to make it much more accurate. It now grabs real-time figures from several sites that host Pligg downloads. This update jumped our download counter up by about 1,500 downloads from what we had previously published.
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  1. is currently upgrading their servers and their download links seem to be temporarily broken. Because of this we have changed the link to the download to point to a hosted mirror until SourceForge is back to normal. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the upgrade, we received no prior notice of SourceForge performing the upgrade.

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