200,000+ Downloads, 1 New Template

Pligg hit the 200,000 tracked downloads mark last week, with a download rate of about 500 downloads each day since Pligg 1.0.0 was released 8 days ago. To celebrate this mile marker I have developed and released a Pligg template that features the new ability to vote both UP and DOWN on stories. The template is called “The Standard” and it is a free 2 column template for Pligg.If you look under the hood of the template you will notice that it’s very much based on the default Pligg template “Wistie”. I performed many of the changes through editing the CSS file. I designed this template because I know that a lot of users don’t want to start designing a template from Wistie because it’s a 3 column template. It didn’t take much work to change Wistie to a 2 column template. From there I just added some images and adjusted the width of a few template files to match the new 2 column format. Hopefully this template will be used to generate some free 2 column templates that others can contribute to the Pligg Templates forum.The new template allows users to vote either up or down on stories, in some cases resulting in negative numbers appearing. A story still needs to reach a set positive number in order to become “published”, but once it is published it can go negative and remain on the homepage. The Standard will be included as a second template with the next release of Pligg, but we cannot guarantee long term support for it. You can learn more about the template by viewing the official The Standard template thread.
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