Pligg.Domain Names

While reading through some random blogs today I came across a nice use of AJAX for finding .net and .com domain names. The tool provided by is a nifty way to find a .net or .com domain. While I was playing with the tool I noticed that was registered about 10 days ago, Its fun to see that pligg is becoming a big enough word that people are buying I’m very interested to see what will turn into.

I was looking up what the ranking for was and I’m proud to say that we are pretty high up there for a site open for barely even a month. Currently is ranked 139,063 (the lower the better), I expect that number to rapidly keep decreasing for the next few months as the project really starts to show it’s true colors. I must admit though that you should never rely on for accurate site ratings. Alexa can and is cheated all the time and gets it’s numbers from users who have the alexa toolbar installed in their browser. This means that if you have a site with 200,000 unique visitors a month and none of them have the alexa toolbar installed, not a single one of them will be counted toward the web ranking system.

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