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I was about to sit down and start working on some new flash video tutorials to help users learn how to use Pligg, but I realized that I don’t know what people want to learn about first. If anyone has a specific question that they would like answered in a flash tutorial please leave a comment and I will try to respond to it if it’s a worthy topic. Hurry up and post comments everyone so I can start working!

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10 thoughts on “Request a Tutorial

  1. Maybe include the “external vote button”-feature in the tutorial? For example show how easy it is to integrate in your blog or something?

  2. vbmark: you keep saying that Pligg doesn’t work, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please look for help in the forum. From what I gather most (over 90%) are able to run Pligg with ease. The 10% or less who can’t run it using the default options are able to get it running through a few small modifications because their server isn’t Pligg friendly. Use the Pligg forum, wiki and IRC room to help get your site running. The one post I see you reffer to you haven’t followed up with. Pligg does work.

    I think it’s best that I spend my next 2 weeks working as Pligg support (adding to the wiki, writing tutorials, etc.). AshDigg is continuing work on the code, and so are other Pligg users. The priority right now is to add a few features for admins and we’re trying to create a few new innovations for Beta 8. My personal priority is to help assist users and improve the user interface.

  3. Ok, I take back what I said. I just deleted everything (files and database) and started from scratch. I think the problems must have crept in from doing an upgrade but a clean install so far has shown itself to work smoothly. All the problems that I had have gone away!

    Sorry if I was frustrated but I’ve been putting a lot of work into this without seeing much success. Now my hope is that when the next time comes to upgrade everything goes smoothly once again.

    In regards to the forum post that you say “I haven’t followed up with” I’m not sure what you mean. I didn’t get an answer so I was just stuck. I could not figure that problem out myself.

    But any way at this point I will agree that “Pligg does work.” I look forward to your tutorial. I have learned a lot from troubleshooting but still have a lot to learn.

    Thank you for your commitment to this great software.


  4. A brief overview of the architecture would be good for people wanting to do mods.

    The templating tutorial is starting to look good on the wiki.

    I also ran into some minor problems getting a site up, but between the forums, and the excellent support on the IRC channel things went really fast.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I think a tutorial from the end user perspective that shows in simple steps how pligg works. How to add a story, how to vote on a story.

    A tutorial explaining the submission and voting process like you were explaining it to a 5 year old.

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