101 Days of Pligg

I woke up this morning with a weird feeling that Pligg was nearing it’s hundredth day of existence, so I checked how my domain registration date and found out that Pligg.com is 101 days old. In the 3+ months that Pligg has been around we have made some major improvements to the original Meneame code by adding all sorts of great features and improving the user interface. Pligg has also caused quite a bit of controversy and at the same time a lot of excitement in the first three months. Pligg’s popularity has been growing at an extremely fast rate, so fast that we have no passed my personal favorite CMS Geeklog on alexa.com’s ranking system. What surprises me the most about Pligg’s popularity is how much it has grown without much effort. A large percentage of Pligg.com visitors come from other existing Pligg sites, so I thank those who keep Pligg.com links somewhere on their sites after installation and customization.

100 days down, but now what? Some of the next big projects for Pligg will be (in no particular order) a spell checker, a new (better looking) administrator panel, and social networking tools (message users, friend lists, friend RSS, groups). We will probably throw in all sorts of other small features and bug fixes along the way, but there’s a general idea of what we will be working on next. As always I’ll post updates on the blog to let you know what’s currently in production and I’ll announce the new features here first. By the way, the Pligg Blog has a new look to it if you haven’t noticed. Let me know how you feel about it or if you think it’s overkill. That’s all for now, here’s looking forward to the next 100 days.

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2 thoughts on “101 Days of Pligg

  1. Congratulations! Glad to know of the focus on social networking features. I suggest focusing on these would yield really happy and more users. That would be a most important addition, it couldn’t be overstated.

    Keep up the fine fine job.

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