Release Date for 1.0 Final

We are performing some final bug fixes and adding in one last feature before the big announcement. The last feature to be added in will be an altered vote method that will allow users to vote either up or down. Currently it’s possible to accomplish this through some clever templating, but the solution is more of a hacked patch than usable code. You can expect some new templates in Pligg Pro to take advantage of the new up/down vote method that will be added into Pligg soon.The release date for 1.0 Final will probably be Tuesday, June 16, 2009. I hoped to release mid next week, but I suddenly have to travel all of next week and I won’t be able to work my normal 12 hours a day. Unless something major happens between now and the 16th you can expect the 1.0 release to be out soon. Until then you can grab the latest SVN versions for the latest bug fixes and features.We will be ending the donation drive, and stop making the Magazeen template and Plingger module available for donors after 1.0 is out. If you want to get your hands on the Magazeen template or Plingger module you must have your donation of $20 or more in before 1.0 final is released. I suggest that you take advantage of the offer because Magazeen is really great template that I’ve put a lot of time into and it’s a great deal for just $20.Update: Pligg 1.0.0 is out now and can be downloaded from the forums. Release notes and a dedicated blog post will come soon. As you might expect we’re busy at work now.
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14 thoughts on “Release Date for 1.0 Final

  1. Hello.

    Thanks for the great effort. Will there be any changes to the language files from the SNV version in the final version? Because I’m planning to start working on translating it.


  2. Usually it goes without saying but I wanted to make sure I said thank and I appreciate all the work you guys do. I have a small site but the expansion of the idea and all the new modules involved actually makes me excited about the future. I’m not that technical of a guy so making Pligg dummy friendly has been a great learning experience for me.

  3. i came to this page when 30 sec left , lool it felt like new years but without fireworks ,, well we can consider pligg 1.0 is the fireworks

    i would like to thank who ever worked on this product

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