Beta 7 Released

Yesterday AshDigg released Pligg Beta 7, a bit ahead of schedule (we were aiming for March 19). The version released is a bit trimmed down from what we were aiming for, but it was decided that it would be best to fix a lot of the bugs that came up with Beta 6’s introduction of Smarty and to get a head start on templating. Not all functions are working just yet, for example sending other users messages, but they will be finished by the next release. The admin panel hasn’t been touched in a while, so that won’t be out until the next big release. The next release will also include the Mollio template as promised. I have been spending most of my spare time working with Mollio and it has been fitting Pligg like a glove. I’ll have more on that later. Today will be a bug day for bug reports and glitch fixes. Make sure that before you ask a question in the forum you search for an answer first. It frustrates us when we see several of the same questions asked over and over again.

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2 thoughts on “Beta 7 Released

  1. has been updated to show the correct release (beta 7) and the links have been changed. I still have to update images and such, but I’m probably going to just wait until beta 8 which will be an even bigger release. Thanks for letting me know.

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