URL Method 2 (SEO), Foreign Languages and Upgrades

This week we will be heavily testing the SEO functionality and the upgrade process from Beta 9.9.5 as we finish up with the 1.0 RC versions. I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks testing a number of foreign languages to make sure that we covered everything from Arabic to Korean to make sure that a variety of characters will work across the board with Pligg. It looks like previous bugs that existed with the Admin Modify Language module and category URLs are now fixed so that any language that you throw at Pligg will work perfectly.Our latest SVN version (Revision 556) takes care of some URL Method 2 issues and cleaned up a few bad choices that we made in the past, or were just plain mistakes. Pagination is now working with the SEO URLs and there is very little left to fix at this point. A few more items to check off of the SEO URL todo list and we will be ready for primetime.The last item that needs tested is the reason why I’m writing this blog entry. It would be very helpful if some users could volunteer to test the upgrade process going from Beta 9.9.5 to the latest SVN revision (see the link above). It’s very difficult catching every bug and hiccup that occurs during an upgrade so the more input I get from others the better. I know that the template and language files are going to be the biggest pain for people upgrading. Users need to pay attention to the readme.html file included with Pligg so that they won’t miss some critical instructions. Wish me luck tomorrow as I start my week of upgrade testing and try to make Pligg polished for our 1.0 release.
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5 thoughts on “URL Method 2 (SEO), Foreign Languages and Upgrades

  1. Is there any chance you will be providing SEO method without keywords like ‘category’, ‘story’ in Pligg versions? I have tried to modify this, because it’s just a word more in URL, but have failed to get it right without heavily modifying Pligg code base. And I do want to follow Pligg future upgrades with my custom site (different authentication).

    Thank You!

  2. There’s a good reason why /category/ and other prefixes exist in some URLs. Without it there could be some big problems with users creating categories or story titles with conflicting names/URLs. For example if I created a category named “groups” it would break the groups feature because they would both have the url domain.com/groups/.

  3. Hi Eric,

    How about instead of /category/, there is a option for us to change that word? e.g. instead of /category/, we may use /anotherword/

  4. The URL method 2 & friendly URL’s do not seem to be working in RC5 – The result is a mass amount of 404 pages. Will this issue be addressed in the next release?

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